Work better, every day.

Atomicwork makes it incredibly easy for your employees to find information and get help at work.
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We've got something to offer for everyone in your team

Employees using Atomicwork
Atomicwork for employees

Stop juggling between tools and get stuff done.

Feeling lost in the sea of employee solutions at your disposal? With Atomicwork, you can now  talk to your virtual assistant and get access to the right kind of information and all the tools you need.
HR teams using Atomicwork
Atomicwork for HR teams

Scale your operations, free your teams.

Struggling to keep up with your employee requests? Engage with them intelligently by taking advantage of Atomicwork's virtual assistant that knows when to automate requests and when to keep you in the loop.
IT teams using Atomicwork
Atomicwork for IT teams

Automate mundane tasks and focus on critical business.

Tired of educating everybody about your ever-changing IT requirements? With Atomicwork, you can guide employees through important process changes while letting them take care of their own everyday needs using self-service.

Everything your employees need to work smarter, not harder


Make it easy for your employees to find any kind of information from any of your resources.


Streamline internal requests and get approvals without going back and forth with different teams.


Complete tasks effortlessly using intelligent workflows that work across teams and departments.
Atomicwork enables an easy way for employees to get help at work
Conversational Assistant

It all starts with a conversation.

Say hello to your friendly assistant

Your virtual assistant will be available no matter where you go, as long as you're connected to the internet!

Have a conversation, like a human

Forget  forms and portals. Just have a casual chat and we'll figure out everything along the way.

We'll let you know when it's done

Sit back and relax as we find answers, raise requests, get approvals and do so much more on your behalf.
Atomicwork integrates with all of the tools you already use at work
Flexible Integrations

We play well with your favorite tools.

Atomicwork integrates with popular solutions you're already using in your company so you don't have to rip or replace anything that's already working well for you.
HR management and information systems
Knowledge base
and documentation
Finance and payroll management systems
IT service requests management tools
Onboarding and offboarding tools
Facilities and office admin platforms
Open Knowledge
Find quick answers to FAQs, get relevant excerpts from detailed documents and search for any kind of information available across tools.
Instant Approvals
Applying for a leave? Need a software license? Just say the word and we'll raise requests for you and also get them approved by the right people.
Atomicwork brings your employees and operations teams together
Actionable Updates
Get the word out about important company updates, and make sure your employees not only see them, but also act on them before deadlines.
Seamless Changes
Implement new process changes and mandatory workflows without burdening your employees with the additional overhead.

We're starting small, but we're making a big dent in the world of employee experience.

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